Tile backsplash in Logan, UT from Abbey Carpet of Logan

What are backsplashes used for?

If you are in the midst of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, then you have likely heard quite a lot about a backsplash. But what are they used for?

A backsplash does more than one thing simultaneously, and that is what we would like to discuss in today's post. So read along to find out more about what these exciting pieces could do for you.

A backsplash is a perfect addition
The primary purpose of a great backsplash is protection for your wall. In the kitchen especially, but also in bathrooms, splashes and splatters can wreak havoc on your walls and surrounding areas.

Having backsplashes in place can save your wall, but they add a fantastic layer of visual appeal to the room as well. Consider the many colors, designs, formats, and installation options available with backsplash tile, and you will see just how extensive your options are.

Don’t forget that these additions are often matched with the room's flooring or countertops, and tile can also be used as an accent piece and floors and walls. The beauty of these pieces could be just what you are looking for in any room.

The installation of your tile could take some time, based on the size of the product and the intricacy of the design you have in mind. Be sure to speak with an associate about your specific requirements and ask questions if necessary.

Let us help with your backsplash tile
When you need superior materials and professional installers, you will find them at Abbey Carpet of Logan. We cater to your requirements with one of the largest showrooms in the area, stocked with excellent materials and outstanding service.

If you are a resident of Logan, River Heights, Providence, North Logan, Hyde Park, or Benson, UT, be sure to visit our showroom in Logan, UT, today. We look forward to helping you find the best backsplash tile available, so call us soon.