Why species is essential in hardwood flooring

Why species is essential in hardwood flooring

If you choose the suitable species, you'll find the desired results in wood flooring. Species are that important, especially for homes with pets, children, or both.

The correct species can make your home look stunning with any decor scheme. But it can also give you the durability you can count on.

Species choice for durability and longevity

You might already know that certain species' choices are much harder than others. And the harder the species, the more durable and long-lasting they will be.

Without suitable species, the activity level in your home could wear these floors down. But we'll help ensure you have only the perfect options for your solid hardwood flooring needs.

Species choice for stunning visuals

Some species offer specific grain patterns, colors, and features for stunning decor. You might even prefer choices that offer natural knots and beautiful colors.

Cherry is an example, with knotty choices and a beautiful pink or red hue. These colors change over time for impressive visuals throughout the entire lifespan.

Species selection for your personal best

An essential part of species selection is meeting your specific needs. Cater to durability first, and then visual appeal in every room.

Once it all comes together, you'll see outstanding solid hardwood flooring results that will serve you for years. And we'll make sure you find them.

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